Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities related to Weikeng's compensation and benefits policies, plans and programs, and in the evaluation and compensation of Weikeng's directors of the Board and executive officers.

The members of the Compensation Committee are appointed by the Board as required by R.O.C. law. Currently, the Compensation Committee is comprised of all two independent directors, Mr. Edward Tsai and Mr. Vincent Lin, and one external expert consultant, Professor of Department of Adult & Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Mr. Lin Jenn-Chuen. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Douglas Hu, is invited by the Committee to attend all meetings and is excused from the Committee's discussion of his own compensation.

Weikeng's Compensation Committee is authorized by its Charter to retain an independent consultant to assist in the evaluation of CEO, or executive officers compensation.

Membership of Compensation Committee

Title Name Convener
Independent Director Edward Tsai
Independent Director Vincent Lin
Professor of National Taiwan Normal University Lin Jenn-Chuen