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Taiwan China / Hong Kong Southeast Asia
Name: Doreen Deng
Tel: (86-755) 8294-3322 ext 356


Founded in 1999, Advanced Analog Technology (AAT) is one of the top-leading IC design companies in Taiwan.

We specialize in Power Management IC design and constantly provide high quality products and effective services to our customers. Our products are mainly applied to TFT-LCD panels, we also offer solutions to DSC, handheld and networking devices.

AAT has comprehensive Power Management IC solutions and keeps on designing innovative products. With all team members working closely with each other, AAT’s operation has yield positive results, and will continue our work to fulfill your IC needs.

Product line

Linear Regulator
Multi-Channel LDO (
2A LDO (
1A LDO (
500mA LDO (
300mA LDO (

Switching Regulator
Charger Pump (
Buck Converter (
Buck Controller (
Boost Converter (
Boost Controller (

Multi-Function Regulator
TFT-LCD Panel Power (
Multi-Channel DC-DC (

Battery Managemant
Li-ion Battery Charger (
Li-ion Battery Protection (

Switching Power Supervisor (
Reset IC (

LED Driver
Multi-String WLED Driver (
LED Driver (
Single String LED Driver (

Buffer (