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Since the company's founding in 1993 as a joint venture between ST Microelectronics and Cadence Design Systems, Accent has evolved from a design services provider to a standard silicon product supplier focused on the Smart Grid industry. Over this period, Accent has established a stellar track record of more than 300 successful designs and tens of millions of semiconductor parts manufactured. Accent’s prestigious customer base includes metering industry leaders serving markets world-wide.

A key factor to the company's success has been focused technology investments enabling unprecedented silicon integration and end-product feature innovation. In 2010, this was reflected by Accent’s introduction of its first generation ASMgrid silicon platform, encompassing advanced processing capabilities and integrated home area networking support for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances. With its second generation, ASMgrid2, Accent introduces the industry-first standard-product family targeted at Smart Meters and related products. In addition to increased scalability, ASMgrid2 incorporates future-proof standard support for near area networking technologies (RF Mesh and PLC) required by utilities in North America, Europe, and developing countries world-wide.


Product Line:

ASM201: SOC – Smart Meter Processor with Integrated HAN and Metrology                                                                

ASM211: SOC- Sub-GHZ Wireless Solution for Advanced RF Mesh Networks

ASM221: SOC - Smart Meter Processor with Integrated PLC and Metrology

ASM231: SOC- Smart Meter Single and Polyphase Metrology, Communication, Application Processing